Reading Contract

BECAUSE,  (name)  and  (name)  have agreed to certain things regarding the reading of books and the reward for this reading, this agreement is made:

BECAUSE, this reading with increase     (child) 's store of knowledge, increase his ability to LEARN, and help him master the problems of living,  (adult)  wishes to encourage this reading.

THEREFORE,  (adult)  agrees to REWARD  (child) for each book read that is not part of the regular school requirements. These are to be  (child's)  choice of Historical Fiction, Autobiography, or similar books.

The reward shall be fifteen cents for each and every page including the Preface and Table of Contents (if these are also read as they should be.) 

Since part of the idea is to teach the value of books to teach the value of thrift to teach the value of helping others.

(Child) agrees to use the first ten percent (ten cents out of each dollar) to help others. Suggested uses are United Fund, Sunday School, or Church, Red Cross, or Missionary work.

(2)of the remaining 90% (90 cents of each dollar), (child) , agrees to put 45 cents (or 1/2) in a bank account to grow for future education or similar use.

(3)the remaining 45% (45 cents of each dollar)  (child)  may spend as he sees fit, subject only to guidance from his Father and Mother. (gifts, bicycle, football for himself—are suggestions)

(Child)  also agrees to write to (adult)  the (1) name of the book (2) name of the author (3 ) a one or two sentence statement telling what the book is about and what he learned from it.

This agreement shall be in full force and effect when signed by both parties and it shall be effective for (1) year from such date. It shall be renewed each year unless either party notifies the other that he wishes to discontinue or cancel.




Signed and agreed to this _______ day of____________ ,


20__    in the Year of our Lord, A.D.